Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DAY 167 - Day 70 in Recovery Paradise

More eating progress. I'm still not ready for the cheeseburger yet, but I'm getting close. I had a regular dinner tonight: turkey meatloaf and some baked potato with gravy. I'm getting myself prepared for Thanksgiving. It was difficult swallowing, but I was able to do it. I also ate an apple. I had to spit the skin out. I'm only doing this for my dinner meal. I'm still having the milkshake meals for all the others. I can taste everything, so my taste buds are at least partially back. If my taste buds didn't come back any more than this, it would be OK. I'm still hoping for saliva to come back so I can eat regular food on a regular basis for all my meals. I also drove myself up to the video store and the grocery store to do some shopping.

Song of the Day: Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel

1 comment:

  1. Good going! Just don't "bite off more than you can chew". You should be in great shape for Thanksgiving!