Wednesday, November 12, 2008

168 DAY - Day 71 in Recovery Paradise

I'm feeling a bit stronger today. I had most of my meals in milkshake form for calories, but dinner was vegetable soup and two apples. Dustin and his girlfriend came over to visit and stayed for dinner. The family had chicken and cheese enchiladas with green beans and salad. I wasn't brave enough to try that. I'm making two drives a day, taking Sarah to and from school. I'm getting a little more comfortable on the road. I'm thinking about going in to work tomorrow. I walked around the block once today. I don't seem to have much of a mucus problem anymore, but I still have dry mouth. I had to give up on the last two bites of my second apple as my throat was constricted and I just couldn't get it to swallow. All in all, I feel good and I'm glad I'm not putting food in by tube. I do flush it out with water every few days so it doesn't get clogged. I enjoy the email responses from people who have been reading my blog and are giving me congratulations. I've been cold a lot, unable to get warm. Been walking around with a sweatshirt, scarf and a cap. We thought maybe it was my thyroid, but the test results came back today and it's in the normal range. I guess I'm just a weenie.

Song of the Day: The Ventures - Walk Don't Run - Perfidia


  1. Bob
    I'm so glad you're improving - and eating! I'm out of the office on Thursday, so if you come in, I'll miss seeing you. Don't be shocked if there's someone in your chair - we hired a temp to keep your accounts warm until your return.


  2. You are really making great progress - it seems like the little improvements are coming along faster each day. You are really on you way!