Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DAY 873.5 - Day 723.5 in Recovery Paradise

Happy to have awakened at the end

Happy to have arrived at the Party
Another small saga in my life is complete.  I arrived at the Cardio unit at Kaiser at 8am for my first of many birthday celebrations. 

I changed into a chic paper dress with matching paper shoes presented to me, just for the occasion.  It was very fashionable affair as all the other guests wore matching outfits, however,  I was surprised to discover it was also a costume ball, as they all wore masks.  

As I was the only guest from the 60's, I got all the drugs and the guests (hopefully) went without. 

Lots of wires and electrical hook-ups, as it turned out I was not only the birthday boy, but also the entertainment.  I was probably an electrically charged  marionette as the main attraction.  Having gotten up early and consumed my "legal meds" through a convenient IV hookup - I was a party pooper and slept through the whole show. 

I am hopeful that a home video of the party will show up on YouTube later tonight, as I am curious how I only got half my chest shaved.

Song of the Day:  Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder


  1. So elequently written. You have a natural gift for making something so grave so amusing and light hearted. I stumbled onto your page by fluke, and love your outlook on life, and the way you write. I wish you all the very best and may you make a strong recovery. You are an inspiring man!
    Superhero in tights. x

  2. I too selected the next blog button and your post came up. Go get em tiger!! You had me grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for the inspiration reminder about life. Keep writing and inspiring.