Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DAY 873 - Day723 in Recovery Paradise

Well, here we go de'ja' vu on the cardioversion procedure.  The cardiologist originally described the procedure (electric shocks to the heart) as "rebooting " my heart...but changed the description to "changing channels" IE. TV land.  People at my work made the clicking the channel changer motion as I left yesterday...ha.

Regardless of how it shakes out, I had time to get one more adventure in...Class IV Whitewater Raft Trip down the Middle Fork of the American River.  Run by W.E.T. River Trips out of Coloma, it was a total blast.  Lise and I went with some of her friends from work and some people from the Chamber.  Hit all the Class IV hard rapids with no problems and then caught a submerged rock on a milder Class III section and the raft flipped, dumping all, including guide, out.  Lucky me and two others were rescued post haste by another raft down river and shuttled back to our now righted boat.  All of us agreed that it was the best part of the adventure.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME..ta da - got to be 63 today.  I am not recommending jump starting your heart on your birthday, but if it buys me a few more, then good-on-me.

Song of the Day:  Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf

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