Friday, August 20, 2010

DAY 862 - Day 712 in Recovery Paradise

...Usually they make we sweat for 3 days for my CT results (great diet plan as I have no appetite), but oddly enough I got my two-year CTScan results back in 2 hours today....ALL CLEAN!  Below is the readout I just got from the radiologist.  I did see one glaring error that troubles me in the report - it says "visibile portions of the brain appear to be normal"...disappointing after all the hard work I have put in since the 60's to change that - has apparently not paid off...ha 

The pre-op carioversion meeting went well- the doctor revised the "rebooting your computer" analogy to "like changing the channels on your tv", so I feel a bit better going under for the procedure.  I don't have to give away all my cool stuff just yet.  8am next Wed for that op.  Have to have a driver and be baby-sat in recovery for 2 hours and then for another 4 hours at home...I hate that part...I am not an ideal patient...I will have to ask if decaf margaritas are prescribed.

Cardio Doc. says I am totally off all caffeine now...with me sitting there with a Double Latte from Starbucks...had to hand it over to Lise, sadly.  Told me I would have to take the heart meds for the rest of my life...which I took as an omen that there would be a long life left to invest in the pharmaceutical industry...

Use the precious time given to be an example for others..and then we will surely live forever.

CT result
Robert L Welton
8/20/10 9:57 AM
Hi Mr. Welton,

Below is your CT result from today. All looks good. Hope you're feeling well!

Radiation Oncology


** HISTORY **:
Clinical stage III squamous cell carcinoma of the oral pharynx
involving the left tonsil and base of tongue, status post
chemoradiation therapy

Comparison: 02/20/2010

Technique: Axial images from the skull base to the sternal notch
were obtained with the administration of 100 mL Visipaque.

There is no evidence of cervical mass or lymphadenopathy. Fat and
fascial planes are preserved. The salivary glands and thyroid
gland are normal. Vascular structures demonstrate normal contrast
filling. Visible portions of the brain and skull base are normal.
No significant osseous abnormalities are seen. Apices are clear.
There has been no significant change since the prior study.

No evidence of residual/recurrent mass or lymphadenopathy


"I'm still standing here." - Rocky

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