Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DAY 700 - Day 549 in Recovery Paradise

Today will be an interesting day. The last (latest, most current, final) CTScan test was done Friday night at 10pm. Kind of a good or bad, A or Z, probably nothing in between test results should be in today. No word on the results yesterday. Scanned my emails, jumped when the phone rang, made a call to the radiologist, left a message. drank wine, drank some more wine, re-read by blogs, slept not so well...perhaps not enough wine..ha.

The half good news is that the tonsil cancer has not returned as of now in my throat-mouth area. The waiting now is to see if the spots they see on my liver are benign cysts - or not.

The dice have once again rolled (for now), the cards are in front of me, face down. Will post again when I know about the extension of my warranty - ha.

The Waiting - Tom Petty

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