Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DAY 451 - Day 354 in Recovery Paradise

Woo - Hoo - just 4 more years and I just might win...

Thanks to my sister Sharon Chamberlin, I took my 62 Birthday Cancer-Victory Hot Air Balloon ride last weekend with my wife, Lise and my daughter, Sarah, out of Windsor, California. It was quiet, peaceful, and unforgettably beautiful. Nice soft (really soft- like stepping slowly off the bottom step of a set of stairs on to thick cushy carpet) landing in a field about 10 miles from where we launched...chase vehicles followed the flight. Followed up with a commemorative flight pin and certificate and a quiche-champagne breakfast in the vineyards of Kendall-Jackson Winery.

CT result


Robert L Welton




8/25/09 9:41 AM

Dear Mr. Welton,

Your CT scan results are attached below. It looks like you've responded well to treatment. Please let me know if you have additional questions.


Nathalie T. Nguyen, M.D.
Radiation Oncology


** HISTORY **:
Left-sided tonsillar cancer status post treatment.

Comparison: Recent PET/CT from 8/2/2009, prior PET/CT from

Technique: Axial images of the head and neck were obtained after
administration of Visipaque, hundred cc.

Significant artifact is identified related to the dental hardware.
However there is significant improvement with complete resolution
of the previously identified left level 2 lymph node which
measured up to 2.5 cm in the prior examination in maximal short
axis dimensions.

Additionally there is less mass-effect in relation to the left of
the with no definite enhancing mass in relation to the left of
the. However there is mild asymmetry in the soft tissues in
relation to the base of tongue on the left side along the anterior
margin of the left tonsil. (Axial image number 37). This likely
represents posttreatment changes. No corresponding metabolic
activity was identified in the recent PET - CT scan in this

Significant mucosal disease in the left maxillary sinus with
mucosal thickening. Mastoid air cells are clear. Minimal mucosal
disease noted in the right maxillary sinus is well. Evaluation of
the lung apices is unremarkable. No significant lymphadenopathy
noted. The region of the supra, infraglottic larynx, epiglottis
is grossly unremarkable. The parapharyngeal fat is normally
preserved. The deep spaces of the neck are unremarkable.

Significant improvement when compared to prior PET/CT from
6/15/2008 and findings in the current contrast enhanced neck CT
are concordant with the recent PET CT report from 8/2/2009.

2. Interval complete resolution of the left-sided level 2
metastatic lymph node. There is no interval development of any
new foci of lymphadenopathy.

3. There is limitation of evaluation of the oral cavity secondary
to significant dental artifact, however there is less mass effect
along the left base of tongue, and left anterior tonsillar pillar
when compared to prior examination suggesting significant
improvement. There is no residual enhancing mass. Posttreatment
changes are noted in this region.

4. mucosal disease along the maxillary sinuses bilaterally left
more prominent compared to the right.


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