Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DAY 334 - Day 237 in Recovery Paradise

I am doing much better, and if it wasn't for my dry mouth and occasional bouts of tiredness, one could be fooled into thinking that this past year was just a bad dream. I chew my food much more slowly, take smaller bites as my throat seems to have shrunk in diameter.

I intensely dislike chocolate, cake, pie, candy and as the house joke goes I would prefer a can of pickled beets over a box of See's candy. Now, that is a change!

I am seeing a chiropractor twice a month and I utilize a masseuse that does 15 minute massages in our office bldg on Thursdays. My hair seems to have grown back at least as full as it once was...Lise is always asking if I want a haircut. Life is getting better.

Today's Song: Hair - the Musical

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