Sunday, April 19, 2009

DAY 325 - Day 228 in Recovery Paradise

A beautiful day in Sacramento. I worked in the yard a bit and mostly on my computer. Had a good IT friend send 6 hours here yesterday- networked all our computers together, so everyone can access other printers, etc. Fixed the wireless network issues and deleted all the junk accumulated on my computer.

Still have dry mouth issues and just may have for a really long time and perhaps forever. Have to take my "spit" pills (always thought that was funny when I was on the other end starting my treatment) three times a day, but is well worth it. I eat bread at most meals now - there was a time when I couldn't eat one bite. Other than that, I feel good today.

I worked a lot on compiling family photos from vacations and birthdays. My "what are you going to accomplish, now that you have a second chance" goal is to clean-up, arrange, compile all the family photos and convert to CD and DVD for everyone. Am almost finished with a CD-with soundtrack of our trip to the Grand Canyon. I thought I had lost them...twas a great and beautiful trip. My goal is to upgrade my other blog [Robert Welton Remembers] with original audio and video.

Lise gave me a haircut and commented on how long my hair was wasn't all that long ago when there wasn't any. It feels good to be feeling good again. It has been almost a year since I was diagnosed and it seems like it was eons ago. I still subscribe to the Tonsil Cancer blog and see many people coming along behind me suffering the same symptoms in the stages of treatment and recovery. I used to follow the blogs of those ahead of me to gain strength that there was light at the end of the tunnel...much different hearing it from someone that has walked the walk.

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