Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DAY 321 - Day 224 in Recovery Paradise

Saw my Head and Neck doctor today. I got very good news. She said everything looked good and pink with no lumps in my neck. She asked me to come back in six months, and as long as everything remains good, I will continue to see her every six months until I have my two-year CT Scan in October 2010.

I have been feeling very good and now that I am taking my "spit pills," I am able to eat bread and the things I couldn't just three months ago. There are some possibly permanent (?) changes in my eating habits, but because everything is so much better, it is a small loss.

I no longer like sweets, chocolate, ice cream, pie, etc. All those items tastes between bland and bad. I used to be able to do some serious damage to a box of See's candy, and now I refuse to even take a small bite of one piece of candy. There are no complaints from Lise and Sarah, knowing that desserts are safe from Bob. I really would rather have a beet salad.

I don't post to this blog as much as when there were daily changes. However, I did start a new blog that is much more fun to post to. It is called Robert Welton Remembers and is a series of great stories I remember from my fabulous and eventful life. It is:

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  1. Though closely following your cancer blog has been a big part of my life for the last year, NOTHING could make me happier than seeing you close out this rather "inconvenient" chapter in your life. Your new storytelling blog is way more fun (especially the ones I'm in!) and I'm sure a lot more fun for you. I love the fact that your photos started out with you in an oncology clinic, and ended with you kayaking on the ocean in Catalina last week....not bad for a guy who was so sick he had a feeding tube just a few months ago! You have come through this life altering process with strength, humor, and grace (and you know THAT one is with a capital "G"). You are my brother and my hero - I love you more than you can know.

    Love, Sib