Thursday, March 19, 2009

DAY 294 - Day 197 in Recovery Paradise

Had a bad time with mucus this am and couldn't keep my breakfast down. Felt fine afterward and worked mostly a full day. I am scheduled to go back to work full time starting the first of the month. I am still tired a lot, but manage to get through the day. My dry mouth persists and I need liquid/water to keep my mouth from sticking closed when I try to talk.

It seems ages ago when I was too weak to walk and unable to talk much. We still keep the stair lights on at night ever since I fell down the stairs in the dark during my recovery. I feel fine most of the time and often have no thoughts of my previous issues and discomfort. Oddly enough, the most permanent change I am still going through is my distaste for ice cream and chocolate. All things considered, it is a small price to pay for the way I feel now. My family doesn't complain as they know the box of See's candy is safe around me.

Song of the Day: Bob Dylan - One More Cup of Coffee

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