Friday, May 1, 2009

DAY 336 - Day 239 in Recovery Paradise

"You don't know the worth of the water until the well runs dry". True statement. My life has been good, especially since I met Lise, some 14 years ago. I think I must have gotten somewhat complacent with a good life and although I appreciated it, I don't think I fully embraced how fortunate I was to have a good family, good job, good health, etc. until I was diagnosed with cancer and went through a rather grueling treatment plan.

I didn't fully appreciate life as much as I do now, after almost a year of recovery. Small things, otherwise unnoticed, have special meaning. My everyday relationships with my wife, children, friends, etc. are much more enjoyable, after being confronted with the prospect of losing it all.

The inability to eat anything, with the process relegated to a feeding tube, has been difficult. I love to cook and my favorite literature is a new cookbook. During the recovery process, each new step [now I can eat I can eat salads, etc.] was monumental. My first dinner out was a beet salad and I was in heaven. We dined out tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to eat a dinner roll before dinner...had to have lots of butter, but I was able to do it. Still can't eat croutons...too dry...but is a small loss.

Working on my "legacy blog" now has been incredible. Finally motivated to write down all my stories and sort the thousands of photographs to add to the mix.

A great motivational quote I have up on my wall: "As you get older, don't slow down; Speed Up! You have less time left".....and miles to go before I sleep.

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