Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DAY 637 - Day 536 in Recovery Paradise

A short note to all re: my 1.5 year CTSCAN from Saturday am.

Got my results back yesterday. Kind of a high and a low. The good news is that my head, neck, lungs look clean...the down side is there is a new found spot on my liver. They are setting me up to go in for a new CTScan soon to scan that area. This last scan "accidentally" scanned the top of my liver in addition to the selected areas and they saw something odd. So....I can quit "imagining" aches and pains in my neck and start "imagining" pains in my side..ha.

Wasn't the way I hoped it would turn out exactly. I should have just read the top half of the diagnosis and thrown the bottom half away.

For those of you that post to Facebook and Twitter - you are familiar with describing your life events in 140 characters or less. Here is Heaven and Hell in 168 characters.

Good news: Stable appearance of the neck without evidence of recurrence.

Bad news: Questionable 1.2 cm area of low attenuation in the right posterior lobe of the liver.

If I ever said didn't like my bookie's odds with Tonsil Cancer, I retract my statements. However, radiologist says it could be a cyst...will have to do another CTScan, ultrasound and perhaps another PETScan or biopsy.

I really need to be more specific with my conversations with God. Before I got the gift of Tonsil Cancer I had wished to loose 10 lbs and spend more time at home...I got a loss of 35 lbs and 6 months at home...not exactly what I had in mind. Now all of us joke about beating this beast and living long enough to die of something else. Once again I heartily recommend you all be more specific - like "live 20 more years and die peacefully in my sleep" ... I am hoping this new twist is not the ironic answer to my..."something else"...ha

All in all, I have been feeling fabulous and "cured" lately, so was probably not properly focused on "finishing strong" with my legacy. I am confident this is God's way of getting me to focus a lot more on the truly important contributions I should be making and get off the premise that I will probably live forever. My plan is to get another 20 years I had better get on it....

"Live Strong - Finish Strong"

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