Thursday, February 26, 2009

DAY 273 - Day 176 in Recovery Paradise

Feeling more tired lately. Was released to go back to work 1/2 days, but push it past that most days. Work full days at least half the week. I am a commission sales guy and I can't make a sale if I am not there. It just wears me out though. I sleep most of the weekend away. Wednesday night, I slept from 7-11, got up took my medicine - changed clothes and went back to bed - slept in until noon today. When I wake up I am not sleepy, but feel physically exhausted. I have had a problem gaining weight ( sweet irony from 1 year ago). Hover between 137 and 140 lbs. Can't seem to bulk it up enough. I can eat most things - just get full quickly and don't have the appetite I used to have.

Went to an after hours business mixer tonight for my job. Was able to eat olives, ham, salami and a bbq beef burger (1/2). Wasn't much food, but was fun just to be able to do it. After having lived on a feeding tube and protein shakes for so long...I drool over a buffet.

Song of the Day - Bob Dylan - Forever Young

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