Saturday, February 21, 2009

DAY 268 - Day 171 in Recovery Paradise

Long time no post_ I am feeling much better- still have sore throat and dry mouth and get tired easily, but compared to the way it was a few short months ago - I feel fabulous. Finally - had a cheeseburger with my daughter yesterday - went down slowly, but with lots of soda, it happened!

Am still working part-time at my work and get very tired- but sleep away the weekends [got up at 10am this am-went to bed at 10p last night]. Am taking some new meds for my saliva [lovingly referred to as "spit pills" in the oral cancer group]. They seem to be working a bit [hence the cheeseburger experience], but have some interesting side effects: dizzy and make you sweat like you had a couple of habeneros.

Starting a new project that most of us never get around to. Going through the boxes of photographs of the kids and family and setting up five categories for posterity. Albums for each of the kids [4] and one for us....and one to give away to friends and relatives. This is a big change from the boxes and boxes of unlabeled photos we have now. Also transferring all digital photos to back-up cd and erasing bad duplicates. I know the kids will appreciate it when I am not around anymore.

Also, have started a new project of sending written cards out. A bit old fashioned in today's world of texting and email communication, but much more personal and [for my generation] much more personal. I got a letter from a friend from 30 years ago out of the blue and it was totally cool...much more meaningful than an email. While I was down and out, I got a card every single day [sometime two] from my sister. It was awesome. It really meant a lot and I knew how much hassle it was and it definitely showed the love. Thanks Sis.

Beautiful day today [with lots of rain on its way] so off for errands.


Song of the Day - Bob Dylan Knocking on Heaven's Door

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