Saturday, January 31, 2009

DAY 248 Day 151 in Recovery Paradise

Its done - the feeding tube is gone. The doctor was an hour late and it took 5 minutes - including taking my jacket and shirt off...ha. We were late to pick up my daughter, so I got up and got dressed because the doctor wasn't there and no one knew where he was. As I was walking out he came in and said it would only take 5 minutes. I went back to the gurney took my shirt and jacket off and laid down. He said it will smart! I said "go ahead" and he just grabbed the tube and yanked it out. It made this huge popping noise, I thought the tube had snapped in half and oh, yes it did smart..big time. Up I get... got dressed and out the door. I have gauze and antibiotics on it and have to keep the dressing clean and coated in antibiotics for a week or so. He said it heals from the inside out. Boy, I hope I don't have to go through that again. The tube hanging there kept reminding me of this ordeal - even on good days.

Worked a bit too much this last week at my job. It is hard to get much done in a half day and some days I stay longer- even though I am only being paid half days. I am set to go back full time in April. I am so tired today. I probably could go to sleep again- got up at 8:30 and then back to bed until 10:30. Not sleepy so much as just burned out tired. My mouth is very dry and have this persistent sore throat (which is how it all began). My head and neck surgeon said it is likely to be that way for a year.

My wife plays violin in the Camellia Symphony and there is a concert tonight. That will be fun.

Song of the Day: Tim McGraw-My Little Girl

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  1. Congratulations on getting rid of the tube. Just one more milestone for putting all of this behind you......Yay!!!