Friday, December 5, 2008

DAY 191 - Day 94 in Recovery Paradise

Life has been pretty good lately. I still rely on the nutrient drinks, but I'm slowly being able to consume real food. Sarah had a dress rehearsal for The Nutcracker performance tonight, so Lise and I went out to dinner at a local Spanish restaurant called Aioli. I had white bean soup and a spinach salad. I was able to eat a little piece of bread and drink a little wine. I was not able to finish everything, but was able to swallow what I did eat. Interestingly enough, the best part of the salad were the beets and the whites of the hard-boiled eggs. For dessert, we shared chocolate mousse with berries and fresh fruit. I've heard that some people don't get their taste for chocolate back, and I'm sure it tasted better than what I thought it did, but it was OK.

I still have dry mouth and a sore throat, and I'm getting a sore on the side of my tongue again. I still get tired a lot and usually take about a two-hour nap in the late morning.

My hair seems to growing back in in the back where I had two bald spots caused by radiation. All-in-all, things are getting better every day.

Song of the Day: Cream - Crossroads


  1. Things are starting to sound suspiciously like a NORMAL life. When did that creep up on you? Look at you - going out, having dinner, indulging in dessert, sipping wine....and no spit cup or barfing! Yay!! LIFE IS GOOD!!

  2. Thanks for Friday's update - I was starting to feel neglected! Congratulations on the progress (especially the chocolate).


  3. Sounds better and better. Can hardly wait to see you and our girls. By then you might even be on chocolate cake and cookies.

  4. hi its victor53 i hope you dont post much anymore because your too busy feeling better. Happy new year and thank you for your blog i am like a month behind you so it was great help to me.