Saturday, January 30, 2010

DAY 612 - Day 511 in Recovery Paradise

About this time last year, I had just started back to work and was working part time, four to six hours a day. I had my feeding tube removed and was glad to be rid of it. It saved my life, but I hated it. Every time I took my shirt off, I conjured up the movie “Alien”.

My throat was sore (still is-really sore this morning) and I got tired very easily. Except for an occasional day, I have great energy and exist on about 6 hours (or less) sleep a night. I have my about 2 year mark coming up for my check up with another CTscan. They say that 2 years and 5 years are major hurdles to be declared a survivor. As my throat is very sore this morning, I find myself playing the “what if” game. The “What if my cancer comes back” equation is rather short and has an inevitable ending. Can’t change it. However, the “What if I am cleared for another year and beyond?” has far longer-lasting possibilities and a different set of responsibilities that I can change and control. “Time’s a wasting – better get on it”.

I have found a new purpose for the divesting of my accumulation of “collectible junk”. I am setting up new college investment packages for my grandson Zak and expanding the one I have for my daughter Sarah. My eBay energies will perhaps end up at Yale one day.

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